The Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) operates a robotic page-turning and scanning device for the mass digitization of bound print materials. Called the Digitizing Line (DL), this book scanning device is the centerpiece of SULAIR's broad array of on-campus digitization capabilities, and is managed and operated by Digital Library Systems and Services .

The Digitizing Line is an automated (robotic) book scanner that produces high quality digital images of bound materials at throughput rates as high as 1160 pages per hour. Equipped with an I2S digital camera, the DL can scan bound materials of a variety of sizes, and produce preservation quality black and white, grayscale and color TIFF images at up to 600 dpi. The ultimate output of the DL is a searchable e-book, in PDF Image + Text format, that will be made available to the Stanford community to support teaching and research.

We welcome you to the project website, where you can learn more about this unique technology, the first of its kind in production in the world.

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