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Digital Library Systems and Services
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Stanford Digital Repository

The Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) provides digital preservation services for scholarly resources, helping to ensure their integrity, authenticity, and usability over time. Services are focused on protecting against data loss and mitigating long-term risks to accessing digital information in ever-evolving technological contexts. To support these services, the SDR system is built to be flexible, secure, and sustainable.

Funded and operated as a core service of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR), the SDR is staffed by digital preservation, digital library, and information technology professionals who are actively engaged in both the national and international digital preservation communities. SULAIR has been the recipient of several federal grants awarded through the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program; these and other similar projects have enabled Stanford to take a leading role in the development and provision of digital preservation services and systems.

In operation as a production system since 2006, the SDR currently contains more than 60 terabytes of text, manuscripts, images, maps, GIS data, and audio-visual content. It serves as the preservation repository for significant collections from Stanford University and beyond, such as the National Geospatial Digital Archive, the Parker on the Web digital manuscript project, historic recordings from the Monterey Jazz Festival Collection, and Stanford's own digitization efforts.

Services Scope and Definition
The SDR services are available for content of any scholarly discipline, regardless of data type. The system's access and security model can also accommodate a range of needs, from preservation of open access content with no licensing or security restrictions, to private or sensitive content that must be kept "dark" for finite periods of time.

Within the larger context of Stanford's digital library, the SDR serves as an underlying layer, designed to prioritize content integrity and bulk operations over immediate and granular accessibility to ingested contents. As such, it is not a back-up system, but rather designed to serve a "back office" preservation function, while separate but complementary digital library and information technology systems provide end-user discovery, delivery, and access environments.

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Last modified: January 22, 2010

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