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Thursday Morning Session - November 16

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New Thursday Morning Session


Session I
Thursday,10:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m

(I-A1) Commodification, Life Strategies and Urban Politics in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Chair: Franco Barchiesi, Ohio State U
Franco Barchiesi, Ohio State U, Commodification, Urban Politics, and Workers’ Strategies: A Case Study of the Gauteng Province (South Africa)
Antina von Schnitzler, Columbia U, Smart Meters, Bad Debt and Virtuous Citizens: Governing the Urban in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Andy Clarno, U of Michigan, A Tale of Two Walled Cities: Johannesburg and Jerusalem
Claire Decoteau, U of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Iketsetseng – “Do It Yourself:" Urban Contexts of Symbolic Struggle in the South African HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Prishani Naidoo, U of Kwazulu-Natal and Ahmed Veriava, U of Kwazulu-Natal Investigating Indigency and "The Poor's" as Silencing and Liberatory Discourses in Struggles for Free Basic Services in Orange Farm and Soweto

(I-B21) Voters and Voting in New Democracy

Chair: Gero Erdmann, Institute of African Affairs
Gero Erdmann, Institute of African Affairs, What Makes the Voter Tick?
Marie-Anne Valfort, Ecole Polytechnique, Ethical Altruistic Voting in a Multi-ethnic Developing Country: Evidence from Ethiopia
Michelle Kuenzi and Gina Lambright, Political Participation in Africa: An Analysis of Voting in Botswana, Nigeria, and Tanzania
Janai Nelson, St. John's U, Felon Disfranchisement and African Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of International Policy and Practice

(I-B26) Margins of Statehood and Service Delivery

Chair: Dan Connell, Simmons College
Dan Connell, Simmons College, War and Peace in Sudan: The Case of the Bejas
Laura Seay, U of Texas at Austin, Non-State Actors, Health Care, and the Assumption of State Authority in the Eastern DR Congo
Jim Butterfield, Western Michigan U, Social Mobilization and Rights in Rural South Africa: RMT meets RBA
Aurelien Mauxion, Northwestern U, Land Management and Local Politics in the Gao Region (Mali)
Dursun Peksen, U of Missouri and KC Morrison, U of Missouri Socio-Political Determinants of Natural Disaster Vulnerabilities in Africa

(I-B28) Transitions in Parties and Ideologies

Chair: Jeffrey Krutz, Columbia U
Jeffrey Krutz, Columbia U, African Cities and Incumbent Hostility: Explaining Opposition Success in Urban Areas
Moses Tesi, Middle Tennessee State U, Parties and Politics in Africa: The Rise and Decline of Cameroon’s Multi-Party System
Gerhard Seibert, Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT), Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe: Politics, Parties and Polls in Two African Island States

(I-C1) The Resource Curse: Strategic Raw Materials, War, and Conflict Mitigation Initiatives

Chair: Daniel Volman, African Security Research Project
Daniel Volman, African Security Research Project and Michael Klare, Hampshire College The Geopolitics of African Conflict
Barry Schutz, Stanford U, Mutiny on the Bounty: Sources of Conflict in African Petro-States
Kathi Austin, United Nations, UN Sanctions Enforcement as an Anti-Corruption Tool
Elliot Fratkin, Smith College, Can Oil Save Africa? The World Bank and the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline
Discussant: Robert Griffiths, U of North Carolonia-Greensboro

(I-F6) The Locations of Diaspora: Local Contexts/Global Movements

Chair: Akinwumi Ogundiran, Florida International U
Giulia Bonacci, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, On the Politics and Practices of Diasporic Identity: Naming Caribbean Settlers in Ethiopia
Afe Adogame, The U of Edinburgh, Out of Africa, Back to Africa! The Transnationalization of the New African Religious Diaspora
Mshai Mwangola, Northwestern U, Invisible No More: The African Diaspora Down Under
Benjamin Talton, Hofstra U, Obruni! Conflicting Conceptions of Diaspora in Ghana

(I-G1) The New Scramble for Africa, Part I

Chair: Karen Colvard, HF Guggenheim Foundation
Sanusha Naidu, South Africa's Relations with the People's Republic of China: Mutual Opportunities or Hidden Threats?
Henning Melber, Nordic Africa Institute, Global Trade, African Development, Regional Integration and AGOA - with Special Reference to Southern Africa/Namibia
Margaret Lee, John Hopkins U, A New Partition of Africa? Trade Relations between Africa and the EU under the Cotonou Agreement

(I-G2) Perspectives on Africa’s Development Crisis

Chair: Chidiebere Nwaubani, U of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Jeremiah Dibua, Morgan State U, Experts, Afro-Pessimism and Africa's Development Crisis
Chidiebere Nwaubani, U of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, The IMF/World Bank Development of Underdevelopment in Africa, 1983-99
Scott Lacy, U of California-Santa Barbara, Trading Advantage: US Cotton Subsidies, Malian Farmers, and Free Trade not Aid
Ehiedu Iweriebor, Hunter College, Economic Crisis and Innovation in Nigeria: The Emergence of New Economic Sub-sectors

(I-G8) The Political Economy of Resources and Conflict

Chair: John Ohiorhenuan, United Nations
John Ohiorhenuan, United Nations, Economic Reform in a Post Conflict Setting
John Quinn, Truman State U, Is it the Resource Curse, or Majority State Ownership, or Both?
Desha Girod, Stanford U and Desha Girod, Stanford U Why Do Some Failed States Recover?
Subhasish Ray, U of Rochester, On the Political Economy of the Resource Curse in Sub-Saharan Africa

(I-I9) Setting the Record Straight: Revisiting the Sources and the History of the Oromo

Chair: Getahun Benti, Southern Illinois U
Mohammed Hassen Ali, Georgia State U, Revisiting Abba Bahrey's ‘Zenahu Le Galla’ and its Impact on Oromo History
Bichaka Fayissa, Middle Tennessee State U, Reassessing the Role of Grassroots Movements for Political and Economic Power in Oromia
Ezekiel Gebissa, Kettering U, Workers in the Vineyard: Missionary Ventures and Indigenous Efforts in the Evangelization of the Western Oromo, Ethiopia, 1860s - 1935
Getahun Benti, Southern Illinois U, Revisiting Sources of History: The Oromo in the Accounts of Foreigners

(I-K1) Roundtable: The UN Reform and The Countries of Africa

Chair: Anatoly Gromyko, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Anatoly Gromyko, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Mikhail Vishnevskiy, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Tatiana Deych, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Dennis Hickey, Edinboro U of Pennsylvania
Alexander Tkachenko, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

(I-K7) Roundtable: Foreign Aid/Phantom Aid and African Politics [Sponsored by the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars]

Chair: Kristin Peterson, Michigan State U
Howard Stein, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Meredeth Turshen, Rutgers U
Kristin Peterson, Michigan State U

(I-L1) Transcultural Artists

Chair: Mary Vogl, Colorado State U
Mary Vogl, Colorado State U, Globalization and the Africanity of Contemporary Moroccan Art
Jennifer Bajorek, U of California-Berkeley, Photography and Democracy: Dislocations of the African Portrait
Scott Edmondson, UCLA, Mama Esther, Daddy Jesus, Stolen Wombs and Golden Blessings: Battles Over Meaning in Ghanaian Gospel Music Video
Eileen Moyer, U of Amsterdam, The Minute World of Ras Kasa: Global Transcendence through Rastafari Arts and Discourse in Dar es Salaam


(I-O18) Contested Feminisms in Africa and the Diaspora

Chair: Carmela Garritano, U of St. Thomas
Carmela Garritano, U of St. Thomas, Global Trajectories and Transnational Feminism in Doreen Baingana’s Tropical Fish
Dokubo Goodhead, U of Washington, Striving Toward Liberation and Community: The African Woman and the Postcolonial Condition
Michelle Commeyras, U of Georgia, A Constructed Dialogue on Men's Thinking about the Gender Equity Movement in Africa

(I-O19) Land and Literature in Zimbabwe

Chair: Karin Steen, Lund U
Karin Steen, Lund U, Gendered Land and Labour Rights in Small Scale Commercial Maize Farming in Chiweshe Communal Area, Zimbabwe
Melissa Root, U of Denver, Pregnant Pause: Butterfly Burning and the Politics of Abortion
Zetoile Imma, U of Virginia, Wild Fires and Blood Freedoms: Gender, Violence and Resistance in the Short Fiction of Yvonne Vera

(I-P5) Modernity and Cultural Politics and Identities

Chair: Raphael Ogom, DePaul U
Wyatt MacGaffey, Haverford College, Interrogating Tradition in Dagbon, Northern Ghana
David Donkor, Northwestern U, Picturing the "Big Push:” Magazines, Modernization and the Cultural Politics of Economic Industrialization in Post-Independence Ghana
Sadibou Sow, Gonzaga U, The Rwandan Genocide and the (Re)construction of Identities in African Literature
Nancy Kwang Johnson, Western Illinois U, The Social (Re) Construction of Language, Culture, and Ethnicity in Contemporary Sénégal: Contextualizing Local Responses to Global Narratives
Lindah Mhando, St.Cloud State U, The Making of Sudanese Concubines: Contested Space in the Traffice of Culture

(I-R10) Challenges in North-South Societal Partnerships

Chair: William Miles, Northeastern U
William Miles, Northeastern U, The Rabbi’s Well: A Case Study in the Micropolitics of Foreign Aid in Muslim West Africa
Robert Moise, Global cooperation and local Struggle in the “Pygmy Economy”
Laura Dobson, Abti-American U of Nigeria, North-South Partnerships for Strong Civil Society: Working Together and Working Together Well

(I-T11) Historical Perspectives on the Disinherited and the Marginalized in the Horn and East Africa

Chair: Beverly Grier, Clark U
Beverly Grier, Clark U, A Tale of Two Colonies: Street Children and the State in Kenya and Southern Rhodesia
Anne-Marie Stoner-Eby, Messiah College, Rethinking the Colonial Past: African Clergy and the Establishment of Girls Boarding Schools in Tanzania, 1885-1915
Stephen Rockel, U of Toronto-Scarborough, The Slave Trade in the Lake Tanganyika Region: A Preliminary Investigation
Habtamu Tegegne, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Revisiting Land Tenure in Eighteenth-Century Gonderine Ethiopia: Zega and the Land Charter of the Church of Dabra-Tsehay Qwseqwam

(I-U8) Film, Identity, and Social Transformation in Africa and the African Diaspora

Chair: Naana Banyiwa Horne, Santa Fe Community College
Debra Boyd, U of the District of Columbia, Revival Fires: Pan-African Initiatives in Cinematic Production
Deborah Johnson-Simon, U of Florida, The Soul is the Witness: Museum Perspectives Warrior Marks and Social Transformation
Naana Banyiwa Horne, Santa Fe Community College, The Transformative and/or Demonizing Gaze of the Lens in Warrior Marks, Moolaade, and Emmanuel's Gift

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