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Anthropology and Archaeology Collections

There is no single best index/abstract to the literature of Anthropology and allied fields. Each resource listed below has strengths and limitations. Start with a basic search casting a wide net, or choose the advanced search option offered by all databases for a full menu of search options. The latter approach in some databases can be very helpful, particularly for boolean searches, and sometimes confusing because of poor interface design.

The bibliography and notes of recent scholarly articles and books are often the most efficient way to build a bibliography for any particular topic. Stanford only = Stanford licensed resource.

SEARCH the complete 100-year electronic archive of all American Anthropology Assn. journals: http://www.anthrosource.net/ Stanford only. Also, Anthropology Plus Stanford only * and Google Scholar, but don't neglect other, sometimes more useful online resources. For social and cultural anthropology search the following indexes for their extensive abstracts and full text:

  • Sociological Abstracts Stanford only. Abstracts and full text of a number of journals in cultural anthropology, rural development and related fields.
  • Academic OneFile Stanford only, Gale. Covers a wide-range of journals including Current Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, American Anthropologist, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Current Anthropology, Anthropology and Education, Medical Anthropology, Man, American Ethnologist, and includes abstracts and some full text.
  • FirstSearch & ECO Stanford only scholarly journals, abstracts and some full text.
  • Social Science Module Stanford only, ProQuest, abstracts and some full text.

* AnthroPlus subject searching is limited to title and descriptors.

REVIEW the literature of the field in Annual Reviews of the Social Sciences Stanford only (choose "Anthropology") and Yearbook of Physical Anthropology Stanford only

READ articles in specific anthropology & other e-journals licensed by the library.

IDENTIFY US and some foreign dissertations Stanford only (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses)

LOOK UP background information in MIT Encyclopedia of Culture, Cognition, and Evolution Stanford only | Int. Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Stanford only | Ethnologue, guide to languages and ethnic groups | Wikipedia | Britannica Online

CONSULT reference books in the Information Center

MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Global Health on CAB Direct Stanford only | National Institute of Health AidsInfo | Medical databases


EXPLORE the internet:

Voice of the Shuttle gateway to Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, inter alia | American Anthropological Association choose the "Resources" tab.
Archaeology: Voice of the Shuttle gateway to Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies | Penn Museum | Archaeology Links, Stanford Archaeology Association.

Human rights & refugees
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library contains a collection of over ninety of the most important international human rights instruments -- treaties, declarations, and other materials -- together with authoritative citations
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs: Information Resources, Columbia University Libraries
"Human Rights Throughout the World", 1998 survey from Scientific American
Multilaterals Project is an ongoing project to make available the texts of international multilateral conventions and other instruments
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: information on refugees, including current country reports, legal and policy-related documents and literature references
Indigenous people
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Indigenous studies
Center for World Indigenous Studies serves as a clearinghouse of ideas between nations and between nations and states governments, promoting direct interchange of information
NativeWeb: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
Aboriginal Studies keeps track of Australian Aboriginal studies
Sustainable development
Development Information from Government Sources, SUL/AIR guide to sources
Eldis: Gateway to Development
Participatory Avenues. Participatory Avenues aims at sharing significant progress in visualizing people's spatial knowledge (cognitive maps) and in providing communities added stake in tailoring and owning conservation and development initiatives. Participatory 3-Dimensional Modeling is promoted as "best practice"
The International Development Research Centre provides links to the Centre's Library databases
IISDnet. International Institute for Sustainable Development. Their page Linkages is an electronic clearinghouse for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development
The Earth Council Server. The Earth Council is an international non-governmental organization inaugurated in November 1993 as a direct result of the Earth Summit. It provides information to the sustainable development community through this Server
Development sites from the SUL/AIR Africa
Rain forests
WRI News, online news stories about threats to and development in the world's large, intact natural forests. Updated weekly
Forest Protection Portal: 2,000 forest/biodiversity informational pieces as well as many ways to get involved in forest protection campaigns worldwide
WWW Virtual Library: Forestry (service closed down January 2008)
Rain Forest Action
Amazonia from Space UNEP Grid | Amazon drought measured from Space (http://rainforests.mongabay.com/)
Department of Anthropology | Stanford Archaeology Association | The New Guinea Sculpture Garden
Anthropology in the news | Paleoanthropology Fiction

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