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Feminist and Women's Periodicals at Stanford



Women's Periodicals and Newspapers from the 18th Century to 1981.
A Union List of the holdings of Madison, Wisconsin Libraries, edited by James P. Danky. (1982) Z7965 H3 - REF. In addition to the holdings of Madison Libraries this list includes titles in Herstory and selected locations for a number of other libraries around the country, including some of Stanford's holdings. Reasonably comprehensive for periodicals published in the United States, though it includes foreign periodicals as well.
Women's periodicals in the United States: consumer magazines.
Edited by Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1995. 509 p. LOCATION: Green Library Stacks Green Library Stacks PN4879.W6 1995. NOTES: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Women's periodicals in the United States: social and political issues.
Edited by Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1995. 509 p.LOCATION: Green Library Stacks PN4879.W614 1996. NOTES: Women's periodicals, American--History. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Feminist Periodicals, 1855-1984.
"An Annotated Critical Bibliography of British, Irish, Commonwealth and International Titles" by Doughan, David and Denise Sanchez (1987) Z7963.F44D68 - REF. Informed, critical and very useful. The term feminist is rather broadly interpreted for the earlier years.
A Directory of Women's Media.
Z7962.I52 - Latest in REF. Includes a fairly good listing of currently published journals, magazines, newsletters and newspapers.
Women's Studies: A Recommended Core Bibliography, 1980- 1985.
edited by Catherine R,. Loeb, et. al. (1987) Z7963.F44L63 - REF. Provides a listing and description of a number of feminist/women's periodicals. See also Bill Katz. Magazines for Libraries (Ref Desk).
Lesbian Studies: Present and Future
by Margaret Cruikshank (1982) HQ75.3.L48 - REF & Stack. The most comprehensive listing of historical lesbian periodicals published. See also H. Robert Malinowsky. International Directory of Gay and Lesbian Periodicals (1987) HQ76.25.M35 - REF.


The standard periodical indexes or index/abstracts do not provide substantial coverage of feminist or women's periodicals. Some may index one or two in their particular subject field, e.g., ATLA Religion Database on CD-ROM includes the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion; and Hypatia is indexed by Philosopher's Index, but for a more comprehensive approach one has to depend on the following, and even they do not provide complete coverage.

Women Studies Index | Women Studies On-disc (1989+)
CD-ROM and paper (HQ1180.W68 - Table 12 in REF). Covers some 90 women's or feminist periodicals.
Women's Resources International (1972+)
An interdisciplinary database including references from Women's Studies Abstracts (1984+), New Books on Women and Feminism (1987+), Women of Color and Southern Women (1975+), The History of Women and Science, Health, and Technology (1970-1995), Women's Health and Development (1970-1996), and WAVE: Women's Audiovisuals in English (1985- 1990).
Women Studies Abstracts
1972 to date. HQ1101 W63 - Table 12 in REF. In addition to some of the major journals in the humanities and social sciences this indexes over 35 feminist journals.
Studies on Women Abstracts
1982 to date. HQ1180.S78 - Table 12 in REF. Published in Britain this too covers a fairly wide range of journals in the humanities and social sciences, and even a few in the sciences. It includes over 60 feminist or women's periodicals.
Lesbian Periodicals Index
Compiled and edited by Clare Potter. (1986) HQ75.6.U5P68 - REF. Indexes a number of lesbian periodicals, most of which are no longer in existence. Of the 42 titles represented here 24 are included in the microfilm set Herstory .
Alternative Press Index (API)
1969 to date. Z7164.S66A5 - REF. Provides a subject index to over 200 periodicals, some of which are feminist or women's periodicals. Originally designed to provide some measure of bibliographic coverage for the underground or alternative press, this included a number of titles not found elsewhere. Over the years the titles have changed, due to the transitory nature of some of the publications. In the 1960s and early 1970s API also indexed a number of the underground newspapers, many of which are included in the Underground Newspaper Microfilm Collection [shelved in Hoover]. While most of these were not feminist publications they did include a good deal of material on the Women's Liberation Movement.
Fulltext [cd-roms in Green General Reference]:
Contemporary Women's Issues
(1992+). Includes reports documenting surveys and data, recognized and alternative journals whose primary focus is on issues affecting women worldwide, and newsletters. "Major sources of information include Human Rights Watch, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the United States Government Reports, FEMNET and the Center for Women's Global Leadership. Broad subject areas cover: Health, Development, Human Rights, Legal Issues, Workplace Issues, Social Issues, Contemporary Family Life, Education, Violence and Sexual Exploitation, Lesbian Concerns, Feminism, Arts and Media, Culture and Customs, and Reproductive Rights."
Women 'R': a full text database
(1982+). Women R has quite a few longer articles, but one of it's interesting features is that it captures more ephermeral materials, some of which are no longer available to us in any other format. The journals and newsletters tend to be feminist, but they do include academic journals. It is designed to supplement rather than replace mainstream resources. "Covers regional, national and international issues that impact and reflect the lives of women, Includes full text articles, studies, essays, commentaries, reviews, literary works and more in the following subject areas: arts, business, current events, economics and finance, feminism, health, politics of beauty, sexual identity, spirituality and more. Incorporates articles from the ethnic and minority press."


Feminist Collections. A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources.
Z7961.F33 - Table 12 in General REF. Notes on new or newly discovered periodicals, ceased publications, book notes, special issues of periodicals, etc.
Feminist Periodicals: A Current Listing of Contents.
Z7962.F45 - Table 12 in General REF. Reproduces the title pages from a number of feminist journals.


History of Women (Research Publications, Inc.)
MFILM N.S. 1508. In addition to books, pamphlets and some manuscript material, this microfilm collection includes 104 feminist or women's periodicals, mostly from the 19th and early 20th centuries. While the majority are English language publications from the United States or Great Britain, some foreign language titles are also included. Some of the periodicals in this collection are separately listed in the historical sections below. For a complete listing see: History of Women. Guide to the Microfilm Collection, Z7961.W5 - in REF and Microtext Room. Titles are not listed in Socrates except in those instances where we have acquired the periodical separately.
MFILM N.S. 927. Herstory was filmed from Laura X's Women's Herstory Library in Berkeley and includes a great number of serial publications from the modern Women's Liberation Movement. Thus most titles are from the late 1960s and early 1970s, although a complete run of The Ladder, which began in 1956, is also included. Individual titles in this collection will not be found in Socrates, except in those instances where we acquired a periodical separately. A complete listing of titles is given in Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Herstory (Z7962.W67 and W672 - REF and Microtext Room), though it is sometimes easier to use Danky's Women's Periodicals and Newspapers, cited above.
The Social & Political Status of Women: Rare Political, Performing and Professional Journals for and by Women.
MFILM N.S. 3644 and Hoover mfilm HQ1597.S63 (part 1 only) Included are 60 titles published in Great Britain between 1855 and 1935. The titles in Part 1 of the collection are listed in Socrates (for the Hoover copy only), but the titles in Part 2 are not listed in Socrates.
American Periodical Series (APS).
MFILM 051/4 AND 051/5. Included here are a number of periodicals of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Most of these are not women's periodicals, let alone feminist journals. Included are such things as Godey's Lady's Book (Godey's Magazine); Lady's Miscellany; The Lady's Magazine, Ladies' Garland; American Ladies' Magazine, etc. For a complete listing see the subject index under the rubric Woman or Women's Periodicals, in American Periodicals 1741-1900: An Index to the Microform Collections...(Z6951.H65 - REF & Microtext Room). All of these titles should be listed in Socrates, but one should note that Stanford does not hold Part III of this collection, for periodicals which began publication after the year 1850.
English Literary Periodicals (ELP).
MFILM 052.14. Includes 341 titles published in Great Britain in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, all of which should be listed in Socrates. Although many women wrote for a number of these magazines they are hardly feminist journals, nor even what most would consider as traditional women's magazines. Included are such things as The Female Tatler; Records of Love, or Weekly Amusements for the Fair Sex; The Tea Table; The Ladies' Magazine, or Universal Entertainer; The Lady's Monthly Museum; The New British Lady's Magazine, etc. A complete listing of titles is given in: Accessing English Literary Periodicals (Z692.S5U56 - REF & Microtext Room)
Women Advising Women.
MFILM N.S. 13035. An in progress microfilm collection of mainly eighteenth century women's journals, advice books, manuals, and almanacs. As with the English Literary Periodicalscollection, while many women wrote for a number of these magazines, they are, in most cases, hardly feminist journals. Part 1 of the collection Early Women's Journals, c1700-1832, from the Bodleian Library contains forty major titles covering the period 1577-1832. Part 2 focuses on prescriptive literature and conduct books, but also includes periodicals such as The Ladies Diary or Woman's Almanac, 1706-1840 and the Ladies' Poetical Magazine, 1780- 1783. Parts 3 and 4 contain runs of The Lady's Magazine, 1770-1832. A complete listing of titles can be found in the guides found in the Microtext Room PN5124.W6 W66. None of the titles from this collection is listed in Socrates except in those cases where they have been acquired separately or are part another microfilm set whose contents are in Socrates.
San Francisco Bay Area Gay and Lesbian Serials.
MFILM N.S. 12536. Includes 58 titles published in the Bay Area from mid-1950s through 1989. None of these titles are listed in Socrates except in those instances where they may have been acquired separately. A complete listing of titles is given in San Francisco Bay Area Gay And Lesbian Serials (HQ76.3.U5 W35 - REF and Microtext Room).

Guides | Indexes & Abstracts | Current Awareness | Microfilm Collections | Historical titles: U.S. and British & Irish | Contemporary titles


For additional holdings search Socrates by title and check the printed guides to the microform collections listed above.

AAUW Journal, 1898 -.
Cubberley Library. American Association of University Women. Now Titled: The Outlook.
The Agitator. Chicago: 1869.
History of Women, P-237. Edited by Mary Livermore Merged with Woman's Journal.
The American Suffragette, 1909-1911.
History of Women, P-242. New York: Official organ of the National Progressive Woman Suffrage Union.
The Anti-Polygamy Standard, 1880-1883.
History of Women, P-243. Salt Lake City. Published in the interest of the Ladies' Anti- Polygamy Society of Utah.
Birth Control Review, 1917-1940.
History of Women, P-15/16. Physical run in Lane Library.
The Club Woman, 1897-1904.
MFILM N.S. 2854. General Federation of Women's Clubs.
Colorado Antelope, 1879-1882.
MFILM N.S. 7977.
The Coming Nation
See The Progressive Woman.
Cosmopolitan, 1886-1900.
MFILM N.S. 1152. Physical run 1890-1912 with missing issues. 051.C834 - Stack
Equal Rights, 1923-1934.
MFILM N.S. 1558. Washington & Baltimore: National Woman's Party.
Equal Rights: Independent Feminist Weekly.
MFILM N.S. 1587. Baltimore: 1935-36. Devoted to the establishment of complete equality of women under the law and in all human relationships.
Far and Near, 1890-1894.
History of Women, P-237. New York: National League of Women Workers. Issued under the direction of the Auxiliary Society of the Association of Working Girls.
The Forerunner, 1908-1916.
MFICHE 147. [Also a physical run in stack - 396.05 F715]
General Federation Bulletin, 1903-1920.
History of Women, P-62/P-66. Title varies: Conquest and the Federal Bulletin; General Federation Magazine, etc. Originally the official organ of the Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs; later of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.
Godey's Magazine, 1830-1898.
051/5 reels 772-776 and 862-880 (Microtext Room) Title varies: Godey's Ladys Book; Ladies' s American Magazine. There is a partial physical run in Special Collections.
Good Housekeeping, 1885-1888.
MFILM N.S. 1017. AP2.063 - Stack. Current subscription begins 1969.
Harper's Bazaar, 1868-1912.
MFILM N.S. 1113. 809.294105 H293 - Stack. Physical run 1899-1956 with many missing issues.
The Keystone. Charlotte, NC, 1899-1913.
MFILM N.S. 1588. Official voice of the Southern Club Women, including the Federation of Women's Clubs of North and South Carolina and Mississippi, as well as various chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
The Ladies Garment Worker, 1910-1918.
MFILM N.S. 1586. Official organ of the ILGWU.
Ladies Home Journal, 1884-1895.
MFILM N.S. 1016. AP2 L135 - Stack. Current subscription begins 1973.
The Liberal Review. Chicago: 1904-1906.
MFILM N.S. 1554. An agnostic, free-thinking journal which included a good deal of material on women.
Life and Labor. Chicago: 1911-1921.
MFILM N.S. 1599. Published by the National Women's Trade Union League and edited for many years by Alice Henry. Reported on labor conditions in the U.S. and abroad, unionization efforts, labor legislation, the suffrage movement, etc. There is also a physical run in Stack [331.4.L721/722.]
Life and Labor Bulletin. Chicago: 1922-1950.
MFILM N.S. 3016. Follow-on to the above. Both this and Life and Labor are included in the microfilm set: Papers of the Women's Trade Union League & Its Principal Leaders, MFILM N.S. 3016.
The Lily, 1849-1856.
MFILM N.S. 1553. Founded in Seneca Falls by Amelia Bloomer as a temperance journal, The Lily soon became involved in the women's rights movement and dress reform. Moved to Mt. Vernon, Ohio and later to Richmond, Indiana. Elizabeth Cady Stanton first wrote for this journal.
The Lowell Offering:
A repository of original articles written exclusively by Females actively employed in the Mills. 1840-1845. MFILM 051/5, reel 675 Though ostensibly the voice of the mill workers this tended to romanticize their situation and became an apologist for the mill owners. Continuation of The New England Offering and The Operatives' Magazine.
Lucifer the Lightbearer. Chicago: 1885- 1906.
MFILM N.S. 1038. Holdings are incomplete. Began in 1880 in Valley Falls, Kansas and advocated free love and anarchy.
Mademoiselle, 1935-1954.
MFILM N.S. 1014. AP2.M2334 - Stack. Current subscription begins in 1964.
Mother Earth. New York: 1906-1917.
HX 821 M82. An anarchist literary and political magazine, founded by Emma Goldman and edited by Alexander Berkman. Followed by Mother Earth Bulletin, 1917- 1918.
National Citizen & Ballot Box. Toledo, Ohio: 1876-1881.
MFILM N.S. 1555. Began as The Ballot Box, Journal of the Toledo Woman Suffrage Association, then as the National Citizen & Ballot Box, official monthly newspaper of the National Woman Suffrage Association. Stanton and Anthony were among the editors. A printed index is available in the Newspaper & Microtext Room.
The New American Woman, 1916-1918.
Law Library. Published by Clara Shortridge Foltz. Holdings are incomplete.
New England Offering: A magazine of industry.
AP2.N39. Published by Harriet Farley, former editor of the Lowell Offering, to which this was a successor.
The New Era. Chicago: 1885.
Special Collections. Edited by Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.
The New Northwest. Portland, Oregon, 1871-1887.
MFILM N.S. 7954. Abigail Scott Duniway's paper.
The Operatives' Magazine, 1841-42.
Containing articles upon literary and religious subjects. Lowell: Association of Female Operatives, .History of Women, P-245.
Progess, 1901-1910.
History of Women, P-244. New York & Warren, Ohio. National American Woman Suffrage Association.
The Progressive Woman, 1907-1914.
MFILM N.S. 1585. Began in Girard, Kansas as The Socialist Woman subsequently The Progressive Woman; and finally The Coming Nation (Chicago: 1913-14) Devoted to the political and economic freedom of women, with extensive coverage of the socialist and labor movements.
Queen Bee, 1882-1895.
MFILM N.S. 7978. Denver: .
Redbook Magazine, 1903-1965.
MFILM N.S. 1018. Physical run in stack 1973 - (051 R312).
Remonstrance Against Woman Suffrage, 1890-.
History of Women, P-249. Boston: Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women.
The Reply. New Haven, Conn., 1913-1915.
MFILM N.S. 1552. An anti-suffragist journal. Also in History of Women, P-245.
The Revolution. New York: 1868-1871.
MFILM N.S. 1552. Founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The microfilm edition is missing some issues, including the 1872 portion.
The Sibyl: A Review of the Tastes, Errors and Fashions of Society, 1856-1864.
MFILM N.S. 8014.
Stiletto. New York: 1900-1901.
MFILM N.S. 1567. A rather curious satirical magazine, edited by Estelle Lambert Matteson.
The Suffragist, 1913-1921
MFILM N.S. 1568. Washington, D.C. National Woman's Party.
True Republic, Cleveland: 1891-1904.
History of Women, P-170/71.
The Una: A paper devoted to the elevation of women.
MFILM N.S. 1276. Providence, Rhode Island, 1853-55. Founded by Pauline Wright Davis.
Union Signal, 1883-1933.
MFILM N.S. 3725. National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Also a partial run in Stack - 363.905.U58.
Vigilance. New York: 1886-1914.
History of Women, P-172. American Vigilance Association. Titled: Philanthropist from 1886-1909.
Vogue, 1892-1910 and 1921-1953.
MFILM N.S. 2859.
Western Woman Voter, 1911-1913.
MFILM N.S. 1563. Founded in Seattle, Washington as a result of the suffragist victory and published in the interests of the enfranchised women of the west.
Woman Citizen, 1917-1927.
History of Women, P200/P204. New York: National American Woman Suffrage Association. Ceased to be their official organ in 1921. Formed by a union of Woman Voter; the National Suffrage News and the Woman's Journal. Included in History of Woman as Woman's Journal, New Style.
Woman Patriot. Washington: 1919-1932.
MFILM N.S. 1570. Anti-sufragist; devoted to motherhood, the family, etc.
Woman Rebel. New York: March-August 1917.
MFILM N.S. 2860. Published by Margaret Sanger, its slogan was "No God, No Masters."
The Woman Voter. New York: 1910-1917.
MFILM N.S. 1559. Official journal of the Woman Suffrage Party of New York City. Merged with Woman's Journal.
Woman Voter's Bulletin, 1921-1939.
History of Women, P-248. Hartford: Connecticut League of Women Voters.
Woman's Column, 1892-1904.
MFILM N.S. 1588. Boston. American Woman Suffrage Association. Included among its writers were Lucy Stone, Alice Stone Blackwell and Florence Adkinson. Some issues are missing.
Woman's Cycle. New York: 1889-1890.
MFILM N.S. 1560. Began as the journal of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. In 1890 it was absorbed by Home- Maker. Holdings are incomplete.
Woman's Exponent, 1873-1914.
History of Women, P-178/P-182. Salt Lake City, Utah. A Mormon Women's Journal.
Woman's Herald of Industry and Social Science Cooperator. San Francisco: 1881-1884.
History of Women, P-25. Variant title: National Equal Rights.
Woman's Journal, 1870-1917.
History of Women, P-184/P-199. Boston, Chicago & St. Louis. Founded as the principal organ of the American Woman Suffrage Association and edited for many years by Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell.
Woman's Journal, (New Style), 1917-1931.
History of Women, P-200/P204. Published by the Woman Citizen Corp. in New York. Absorbed Woman Citizen and The Woman Voter.
Woman's Protest. New York: 1912-1917.
MFILM N.S. 1562. National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
Woman's Standard, 1886-1911.
History of Women, P-227. Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa Woman Suffrage Association.
The Woman's Tribune, 1883-1909.
History of Women, P-230/P-232. Founded in Beatrice, Nebraska by the Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association and continued in Washington, D.C. as the organ of the American Woman Suffrage Assn. Towards the end of its career it was published in Portland, Oregon as well. The slogan was "Equality Before the Law."
Women and the City's Work, 1915-1923.
History of Women, P-235. Women's Municipal League of the City of New York.
Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly, 1870-1876.
MFILM N.S. 1638. A spirited journal, conducted by the Claflin sisters.
The Young Woman's Journal, 1889-92, 1898-1925, 1927-29.
F835.Y9 Stack. Salt Lake City, Utah. Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

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History of Women refers to the History of Women Collection (MFILM N.S. 1508). The numbers indicate the microfilm reel numbers for the periodicals in question. Since the History of Women Collection includes books and pamphlets as well as periodicals one should be sure to include the P before the reel number when requesting the film. (The "P" indicates the periodicals section of the set.)


For additional holdings search Socrates by title and check the printed guides to the microform collections listed above.

The Barmaid. 1891-1892.
MFILM N.S. 3640
La Belle Assemblee, or Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine. 1806-1832.
History of Women, P5/P13. Predominantly literary, though it also includes articles and reviews on other matters.
Britannia, 1915-1918.
MFILM N.S. 1551. Official organ of the Women's Social & Political Union (WSPU) following the demise of The Suffragette, q.v. The change in title reflected the newly patriotic stance of Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst, whose motto now was: "For King, for Country, for Freedom."
British Workwoman Out and At Home, 1863- 1896.
MFILM N.S. 3640
Business Girl, 1912.
MFILM3640. Contributors included Ruth Phillios, Alice Kershaw and Charlotte Despard.
Church League for Women's Suffrage, 1912-1917.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Anglican suffrage association, which included Maude Royden.
Church Militant, 1918-1928.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Campaigned for admission of women to holy orders.
Coming Day, 1916-1920.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Christian feminist concerns, similar to the two periodicals listed above.
The Common Cause, 1909- 1920.
History of Women, P205/214. Official publication of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). Editors included Maude Royden, Helena Swanick and Clementina Black. Title varies, see also Woman's Leader .
Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Review, 1910-1916.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
Conservative Woman,1921-1929.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Title varies, Leeds Women's Conservative and Unionist Publications
Dilution of Labour Bulletin, 1916- 1918
MFILM N.S. 3644. Reported on role of women as replacements for men in munition work.
Domestic News, 1915- 1920
MFILM N.S. 3644. Title varies, Feminine Life, 1921-1922
Eliza Cook's Journal, 1849-1854.
History of Women, P52/53. Included popular verse and articles on topics of the day. There is also a physical run in Stack: 052.E43.
English Women's Journal, 1858- 1864.
History of Women, P54/55. Founded by Barbara Bodichon and edited by Bessie Rayner Parkes and Mary Hays, this journal was fundamental to the organized feminist movement in Britain. Many feminist theoretical positions were set forth in its pages, including papers read at the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science.
Englishwoman's Review of Social & Industrial Questions. London: 1866- 1910.
HQ1101.E5 - Stack. In some respects a successor to the English Women's Journal, this did not include many longer articles but provided a great deal of information on matters relating to women or women's concerns, both in Britain and abroad. Helen Blackburn and Jessie Boucherett were among the editors.
Enterprise Club Magazine, 1912-1913; incomplete.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
Federation News , 1921-1924.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Earlier years under the title Women's Liberal Magazine. Followed by Liberal Woman's News
Feminine Life, 1921- 1922.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Earlier years under the title Domestic News.
The Freewoman, 1911-1912.
History of Women, P242. Feminist literary and avant-garde publication, edited by Dora Marsden and Mary Gawthorpe.
Friend of Women's Suffrage, 1914.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Published by National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.
The Gentlewoman and Modern Life, 1901-1926.
History of Women, P67/112. A traditional woman's magazine.
Home and Politics, 1920-1930; incomplete.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
Humanity, 1913-1914.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Published by the British Federation for the Emancipation of Sweated Women.
Independent Suffragette, 1916-1917.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Published by the Independent Women's Social & Political Union, one of the groups which split off from the WSPU.
The Irish Citizen, 1912-1920.
MFILM N.S.. 2183. Founded by the Irish Women's Franchise League, its editors included Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and Francis Sheehy Skeffington. Charlotte Despard and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence were among the contributors. Extensive coverage of feminist activities in Britain and Ireland. [In Irish Political & Radical Newspapers of the 20th Century.]
Irish Schoolmistress and Female Teacher's Assistant, 1891.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
The Journal, 1893.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Subtitled "Official organ pro tem. of the British Women's Temperance Movement". Result of the split in 1893 from the BWTA of the Women's Total Abstinence Union.
Journal of the University Association of Women Teachers, 1892-1895.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
Journal of the Women's Education Union, 1873- 1881.
MFILM N.S. 3644.
Kettledrum, 1869
MFILM N.S. 3644. Earlier year's under the title Woman's World: Dux Foemina Facti.
The Ladies' Cabinet of Fashion, Music and Romance, London: 1832-1861.
History of Women, P122/P130.
Ladies' Magazine, London: 1770-1832.
MFILM N.S. 13035
The Ladies' Mercury, London; 1693.
MFILM N.S. 13035. Described by Cynthia White in Women's Magazines, 1693-1968 PN5124.W6W5 as "he very first periodical for women"
The Lady's Realm: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, London: 1896- 1913.
History of Women, P133/P148. There is a published Index to Fiction in the Lady's Realm in Stack: PR829.I54.
Liberal Woman's News, 1924- 1935; incomplete.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Earlier titles: The Women's Liberal Magazine and Federation News
The Malthusian, 1879-91, 1876-1921
Monthly News of the Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Reform Association, 1914-1918.
MFILM N.S. 3644.Continued byMonthly News of the Conservative Women's Reform Association, 1919- 1924.
The New Generation, 1922-28.
Official Report of the Central Conference of Women Workers, 1893.
Followed byWomen Workers . MFILM N.S. 3644.
The Queen, 1861-1885.
MFILM N.S. 10211.
The Semptress, 1855.
MFILM N.S. 3644
Shafts: A Magazine for Progressive Thought, 1892-1899.
Contributors included Elizabeth Wolstenholme-Elmy, Dora Montefiore and Charlotte Carmichael Stopes. MFILM N.S. 3644
The Suffragette, 1912- 1915.
MFILM N.S. 1551. Edited by Christabel Pankhurst, this was the official journal of the Women's Social & Political Union (WSPU) after the Pethick-Lawrences were expelled in 1912, taking Votes for Women with them. With the outbreak of war the Pankhursts changed their tune, and The Suffragette became Britannia, q.v.
The Suffragette News Sheet, 1916.
MFILM N.S. 3644
Taxette, 1920-1923.
MFILM N.S. 3644
Time and Tide, 1920-1942.
MFILM N.S. 10116. [Hoover has partial run 1928-1952.]
Victoria Magazine, 1863-1880.
MFILM N.S. 7678. Emily Faithful had founded the Victoria Press in order to provide employment for women, and while her journal was established as a general literary magazine it provided a strong feminist emphasis on suffrage, married women's property, education, employment and all of the other feminist/women's concerns of the day.
The Vote, 1909-1933.
MFILM N.S. 10047. Organ of the Women's Freedom League, originally edited by Charlotte Despard. Hoover has 1910-1923 and 1933.
Votes for Women, 1907-1918.
MFILM N.S. 1557. Originally the official voice of the Women's Social & Political Union (WSPU), edited by Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence. It later became the organ of the United Suffragists (a body of ex-WSPU members) after the Pethick-Lawrences were expelled by the WSPU. Hoover has a physical run from 1908- 1914.
The War-Worker, 1917-1919.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Subtitled "organ of the Association of Temporary Women Tax Clerks".
The Waverley, 1858.
MFILM N.S. 3644
The Woman Clerk, 1912-1921.
MFILM N.S. 3644
The Woman Journalist, 1910-1920.
MFILM N.S. 3644
The Woman Teacher, 1911-1912.
MFILM N.S. 3644
Woman Worker, 1908-1910 and 1916-1921.
Official publication of the National Federation of Women Workers, edited by Mary MacArthur, with a socialist/feminist emphasis. Merged with Women Folk in 1910 but was revived under its original title in 1916. MFILM N.S. 2833 has 1908-1910; MFILM N.S. 2832 has 1916-1921 run. Both are included in the Women's Trade Union League Papers MFILM N.S. 7821.
The Woman's Advocate, 1874
MFILM N.S. 3644
Woman's Franchise, 1907-1911.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Represented the views and contributions of various organizations, e.g., the WSPU, the Women's Freedom League and the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. The Pankhursts, Charlotte Despard and Millicent Fawcett were among the contributors.History of Women. MFILM N.S. 1508 also has a run from 1907-1909.
Woman's Leader, 1920-1932.
History of Women, P205/214. Successor to The Common Cause, q.v. Dealt with all feminist concerns.
The Woman's Signal, 1894-1899.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Edited by Lady Henry Somerset, Annie Holdsworth and Florence Fenwick- Miller. Though primarily a temperance paper this also dealt with a number of feminist topics or concerns.
The Woman's Signal Budget, 1894-1895.
MFILM N.S. 3644. A supplement to the above.
Woman's World, London 1888-90 (ed. Oscar Wilde).
History of Women; & reprint ed.: AP4.W57
Woman's World: Dux Foemina Facti, 1868.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Edited by Charles Jones; succeeded by The Kettledrum
The Woman's Year Book, 1923-1924 only.
MFILM N.S. 3644
Women Workers, 1894-1898; 1900; 1911
MFILM N.S. 3644. Earlier years under the title Official Report of the Central Conference of Women Workers.
Women's Dreadnought (later Worker's Dreadnought), 1914- 1921.
MFILM N.S. 1285. Founded and edited by Sylvia Pankhurst and published by the East London Federation of Suffragettes (later the Worker's Suffrage Federation.) Supported the Russian Revolution and advocated a socialist commonwealth.
Women's Gazette and Weekly News, 1888-1891.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Official organ of the Women's Liberal Federation.
Women's Industrial News, 1897-1919.
History of Women, P-183. Published by the Women's Industrial Council. Reported on women's work in Britain and other countries and included legislation, government reports and commissions, child labor, domestic service, etc. The microfilm collection Social & Political Status of Women (MFILM N.S. 3644) also has a run of this from 1895 to 1919.
The Women's Liberal Magazine, 1920.
MFILM N.S. 3644. Followed by Federation News, then, Liberal Woman's News.
Women's Opinion, 1915 only
MFILM N.S. 3644
Women's Suffrage Journal, 1870-1890.
History of Women, P228/229. Official organ of the National Society for Women's Suffrage and edited by Lydia Becker. Not confined to suffrage concerns. Microfilm run begins in 1871.
Women's Trade Union Review 1891-1919.
MFILM N.S. 7821. Continuation of the following publication, edited by Gertrude Tuckwell. Hoover has an incomplete physical run from 1914-1919.
Women's Union Journal, 1877-1890.
MFILM N.S. 7821. Organ of the Women's Protective & Provident Association, which subsequently became the Women's Trade Union League. Emma Paterson was the editor.
Working Gentlewoman's Journal , 1909-1910; incomplete.
MFILM N.S. 3644

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Search Socrates by title for additional holdings. Some of the following have ceased publication. For others our holdings are incomplete. An asterisk (*) indicates that the early years of a journal are included in the microfilm set Herstory. Locations are Green Library unless otherwise noted.


  • Affilia. Journal of Women & Social Work, HV1.A33
  • African Woman (London), Hoover Library
  • Ahfad Journal, HQ1816.S82 A45
  • Amazon Quarterly, MFILM N.S. 7870
  • The Annual Review Of Women In World Religions, BL458.A56
  • Aphra, AP2.A575
  • Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal, H11101.A8
  • Australian Feminist Studies, HQ1101.A97


  • Belles Lettres, PN79.B4
  • Berkeley Woman's Law Journal, Law Library, DW CBH WM
  • Black Maria, HQ1101.B54
  • The Brown Papers, Ordered 9/92; never received. (National Institute for Women of Color)


  • Calyx. A Journal of Art & Literature by Women, PS508.W7C35
  • Camera Obscura. A Journal of Feminist & Film Theory, PN1993.W605
  • Canadian Journal of Women & the Law, Law Library, DW CCC VB
  • Canadian Woman Studies/Les Cahiers de la Femme, HQ1101.C355
  • Chrysalis. A Magazine of Women's Culture, HQ1101.C5 15
  • Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Law Library, DW CCQ JB
  • Common Lives, Lesbian Lives, HQ75.5.C73
  • Conditions, PS508.W7C58
  • Connexions. International Women's Quarterly, HQ1101.C6F
  • Creative Woman. HQ1101.C73
  • Critical Matrix, HQ1101.C75


  • Differences. A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, HQ1101.D53


  • Essence, E185.86.E7


  • Fem, HQ1460.5.F4
  • Female Studies, HQ1154.F44
  • Feminism & Psychology, HQ1206.F446 -Stk & Law Library, DW CFD XK
  • Feminisms, HQ1101.W65
  • Feminist Art Journal, N8354.F45 Art Library
  • Feminist Issues. A Journal of Feminist Social & Political Theory, HQ1101.F39
  • Feminist Review (London), HQ1154.F4465
  • Feminist Studies, HQ1101.F4 - Stk & Law Library, DW CFD XS. [Also on MFILM N.S. 1231]
  • Feminist Teacher, LB2837.F45- Education Library
  • Focus * (Boston Daughters of Bilitis), HQ75.5.F6
  • Frontiers. A Journal of Women's Studies, HQ1101.F76


  • Gender and Education, LC212.8.G3- Education Library
  • Gender & History (Oxford), HQ1075.G45
  • Gender & Society, HQ1705.G48
  • Genders (University of Texas), BF92.2.G47


  • Harvard Women's Law Journal, Law Library, DW CHG LW
  • Hastings Women's Law Journal, Law Library, DW CHG MA
  • Health Care For Women International, RG1.H4
  • Hecate (Australia), HQ1101.H4
  • Helicon Nine. A Journal of Women's Arts & Letters, NX164.W65H44
  • Heresies. A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics, NX100.F4H4
  • Hot Wire, ML82.H832
  • Hypatia. A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, HQ1101.H9. Originally published as special issues of the Women's Studies International Forum, HQ1101.W635


  • Intercambios: a publication of the National Network of Hispanic Women E184.S75.I5
  • International Journal of Women's Studies, HQ1101.I5
  • Issues In Reproductive And Genetic Engineering, QH442.R45. Formerly Reproductive And Genetic Engineering
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, B1458.J6


  • Journal Of Gender Studies, HQ1101.J67
  • Journal of the American Medical Women's Assn., Lane Library
  • Journal of Women's History, HQ1121.J687


  • Kalliope, NX504.K34


  • Legacy: A Newsletter of Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers, PS154.I4
  • Lesbian Contradiction, HQ75.5.L47
  • Lesbian Ethics, HQ75.5.L42
  • Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, Law Library, EF CLM HB
  • Lilith. The Jewish Women's Magazine, HQ1172.L45


  • Manushi, HQ1104.M35
  • Media Report to Women, P87.M4
  • Minerva, Hoover Library, UA23.A1M55
  • Moving Out: Feminist Literary & Arts Journal, HQ1101.M68
  • Ms, HQ1101 M15


  • National Now Times, Law, DW ZND HW & Hoover, U.S.A. O.S.
  • NCCWO Bulletin. (National lawyers Guild. National Committee to Combat Women's Oppresion), Law Library, DW CNA AC
  • New Directions for Women, HQ1101.N4
  • NWSA Journal. A Publication of the National Women's Studies Association, HQ1180.N18


  • Off Our Backs * Current Periodicals [The current subscription is not kept permanently. There is a backfile on microfilm in Herstory (1970-1974) and in the Underground Newspaper Collection on Microfilm (in Hoover) for 1970- 1983.]
  • Outlook, Education MFILM N.S. 3062. Jounal of the American Association of University Women


  • Psychology of Women Quarterly, HQ1101.P75


  • Quest. A Feminist Quarterly, HQ1101.Q4


  • Radical Teacher, L11.R24, Cubberley Library
  • Resources for Feminist Research, HQ1101.C3 formerly Canadian Newsletter of Research on Women
  • Room of One's Own. A Feminist Journal of Literature, HQ1101.R6


  • SAGE. A Scholarly Journal on Black Women, E185.5.S1217
  • The Second Wave * HQ1101.S43
  • Sex Roles. A Journal of Research, HQ768.S4
  • Sibyl-Child, PN4879.S5
  • Signs. Journal of Women in Culture & Society, HQ1101.S54 (Backfile MFILM N.S. 7853). Also in Law, DW CSM FA
  • Sinister Wisdom, PS508.W7S54
  • Social Politics, HQ1206.S63
  • Sojourner, HQ1101.S92
  • Southern California Review Of Law And Women's Studies, Law Library, DW CSR TB
  • Spare Rib * (London), HQ1101.S73


  • Third Woman. Journal of Literature & the Arts, PS508.W7T432
  • 13th Moon, PS508.W7T45
  • Trivia. A Journal of Ideas, HQ1402.T75
  • Trouble & Strife, (London) HQ1101.T74
  • Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, PN471.T8
  • Turn of the Century Women, HQ1154.T87


  • Virginia Woolf Miscellany, PR6045.072Z514
  • Virginia Woolf Quarterly, PR1.V5


  • WEAL Washington Report, HQ1101.W14 (Women's Equity Action League)
  • WIN. Women's International Network News, HQ1101.W62
  • Wisconsin Women's Law Journal Law Library, DW CWU IZ
  • Woman of Power: A Magazine of Feminis Spirituality and Politics, HQ1101.W63
  • Woman Poet, PS589.W58
  • Woman's Art Journal, N72.F45W64, Art Library
  • Women. A Journal of Liberation * HQ1101.W6
  • Women & Criminal Justice, Law Library, EF CWU LL
  • Women & Health, Lane Library
  • Women & History, HQ1121.W6. Each issue has a distinct title
  • Women & Language, Z7004.S65W6
  • Women & Literature, PN56.W6M (formerly Mary Wollstonecraft Newsletter]
  • Women & Performance, PN1560.W87
  • Women & Politics, HQ1236.W63
  • Women & Revolution: Journal of the Women's Hoover Library Commission of the Spartacist League, Hoover Library, SERIAL: USA
  • Women & Work (U.S. Dept. of Labor), Government Documents, L 1.20/8:; Law, DZ.CWV.XK; & Jackson Libraries
  • Women and Work (Beverly Hills), HD6050.W56 & Cubberley Library
  • Women Lawyer's Journal, Law Library, Law PB WV XK
  • Women Of China, HQ1104.W6 1979-. Also Hoover Library, 1954-66. Publication suspended 1966-1979.
  • The Women's Advocate: Newsletter of the Law Library National Center on Women & Family, Law Library, DW CWV XJ
  • Women's Review of Books, Current Periodicals
  • Women's Rights Law Reporter, Law Library, BR CWV XK
  • Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, HQ1101.W634 (Wendy Martin's journal)
  • Women's Studies in Communication, P96.S48
  • Women's Studies International Forum, HQ1101.W635
  • Women's Studies International Quarterly, HQ1101.W635 (continued by Women's Studies International Forum also HQ1101.W635)
  • Women's Studies Quarterly, HQ1101.W64, (formerly Women's Studies Newsletter)

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