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How Do I Find?

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Microform: Books, Periodicals, and Pamphlets

The Library has a great deal of material in microform. The SUL Microtext Guide (Z1033.M5.S72 DESK & MTXT Room) lists most of the collections owned by the Library, and often provides important information on how to efficiently access their contents. (The most complete version of the SUL Microtext Guide is in the Current Periodicals and Microtext Room.) This poster emphasizes collections that contain books, pamphlets and periodicals, whose individual authors and titles are not entered into SOCRATES. There are separate Reference Department guides for microforms on Women's Studies, Women's/Feminist Periodicals, and Native American Studies. Published reference sources include Microform Research Collections: A Guide, 1984 (Z1033.M5.M533); and An Index to Microform Collections, 2 vols., 1984-88 (Z1033.M5.I53), which actually lists the individual titles included in selected sets. The selectors' resources pages frequently include information about subject-specific microform sets. Search SOCRATES for sets owned by Stanford not listed below.

National imprints | Periodicals | Subject collections

Collections of National Imprints: Monographs Individual Titles In Socrates ? SUL Microtext Guide#

Early English Books 1475-1640
(Polard & Redgrave)
No 1.19

Early English Books, 1641-1700
(Wing's Short Title Catalogue...)
Yes 1.20

Eighteenth Century Short-Title Catalogue (ESTC) No 1.30
The microfilm collection is actually called The Eighteenth Century. This project is a long way from completion.The English Short-Title Catalogue database, comprised of cataloging records of libraries in Britain & the U.S., is the attempt to create an electronic catalog covering Pollard & Redgrave and Wing and the Eighteenth Century Short-Title Catalogue.

Early American Imprints 1639-1800
No 1.17
Individual Evans items, in original or in reprint, may appear in the card catalog or SOCRATES. Most of Evans has been cataloged online in RLIN by the American Antiquarian Society, but these records do not indicate that Stanford has the work

Early American Imprints, 1801-1819
(Shaw & Shoemaker)
Yes 1.18

Selected Americana from Sabin... No 3.8

Periodical Collections

English Literary Periodicals: 17th, 18th & 19th Century No 1.24

Early English Newspapers 1622-1820 No 3.28

American Periodicals Series, Part 1 & Part 2 Imperfect 1.3-1.4
Indexing: Early American Periodical Index to 1850 (SUL Guide 1.4); Index to Early American Periodicals of the 1700's (Z6951.I54 and on CD-ROM in REF).

Rare Radical & Labour Periodicals of Great Britain No
Series 1: MFILM n.s. 3011; Series 2: MFILM n.s. 3627

Underground Newspaper Microfilm Collection No 3.17
Film shelved in Hoover Library

Irish Political & Radical Newspapers of the 20th Century No 3.30
Film shelved in Hoover Library

Herstory: Women's Newsletters, Journals, Newspapers 1956-1974 No 2.8

Rare Political, Reform & Professional Journals for and by Women Partial 16h
Titles in Part 1 are in SOCRATES, but refer to Hoover's set only, not the Green MTXT set. None of the titles in Part 2 are in SOCRATES

Chicano Studies Library Serials Collection 1969-1980. Yes? 12

Chicano Newspapers Most 13k

Library of Church Unity Periodicals No

Subject Collections

Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature Partial 2.6
Includes books and serials from the 15th century to 1850. The range of material is much broader than the term "economic history" might suggest and is an excellent resource for many areas of historical research, and especially for Industrial Revolution. Printed catalogs in Reference and reel guides in the Microtext Room. It appears that UCLA has analyzed all titles in the G-K series. Search MELVYL. The records include the microform set item number as well. Reference also has a CD-ROM version of the the Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature Catalog.

Economics Working Papers
[MFILM: 1379]
Index in Green Reference, Index Table 8

History of Women No 2.10
A major collection of books, serials & pamphlets, with some manuscripts, from nine repositories in the United States, but not limited to American women. Chronological coverage is from earliest times to about 1920. Printed guide in Microtext Room and Reference Desk. There are some online records in RLIN, but these don't indicate that Stanford holds the material. Cards for books are filed at the end of the Card Catalog

Cornell Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets No 3.22
19th century material

British Birth Control Material...1800-1947 No 1.11
Books & pamphlets from 19th & 20th century

Women & the Church in America No 4.24

20th C. Trade Union Woman... Oral History Collection
[MFICHE 499]

The 19th Century: Specialist Collection, Women Writers
[MFICHE 1183]
Guide: DA533.N651 MTXT

French Revolution Research Collection
[MFICHE 1298]
Over 1,000,000 pages of documentation; in progress. Guide: DC148.F73 1990- (12 parts to date). Accompanying videodisc in Meyer AV: Images of the French Revolution (ZVD 39). There is a second copy of the three volume index to the videodisc in Green Stk (DC149.5.I42).

Le protestantisme dans la France des xvie, xviie et xviiie siècles
[MFICHE 1922]
Bibliothèque nationale, Service photographique.

Ancien Regime in turmoil?
[MFILM N.S. 12530]
Commerce, politics and society in France, c. 1682-1793: the Gazette manuscrite, 1775-1793 and related sources from the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. Guide: Green Library Microtext DC136.A2 A53 1991.

Thomason Tracts, 1640-1661 No 4.18
British Library. 17th c. pamphlets from the English Civil War

Mazarinades (1649-1652) No 4.7
Pamphlets from the civil wars of 17th century in France. Based primarily on the Houghton Library collection. The printed catalog to the Houghton Collection is in Reference (Z2181.M47.H33). Check the SUL Microtext Guide for more information

Bibliotheca Palatina
. [MFICHE 2154]
Reproduces 8,000 works from one of Germany's (since 1623 part of Vatican Library) most famous 17th-century libraries. Catalog: Bibliotheca Palatina. Vorlaufiger alphabetischer Index [microform]. 32 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. + 1 guide. LOCATION: Green Library Microtext MFICHE 1313.

Flugschriften des spateren 16 Jahrhunderts
[MFICHE 1694]
No 9s
Flugschriften des fruühen 16 Jahrhunderts
[MFICHE 689]
No 9s
16th century pamphlets on German history, the Peasants War, Reformation, etc. Printed guide to collection. In REF

Microfilm Collection of Early State Records No
Legislative, judicial & administrative records of early American state governments; some broken runs of early newspapers and other material, for the most part for eastern seaboard states. Some of this collection is shelved in the Law Library (i.e., Class B: Statutory Laws; Class C: Constitutional Records). Guide: A Guide to the Microfilm Colllection of Early State Records & Supplement, 2 vols., 1950-51 (Z1223.5.A1.U47 REF & MTXT)

California County & Regional Histories
[MFILM n.s. 810:18]
Partial 1.12

City Directories of the U.S. No 2.24
Pre-1861: Chicago & Galveston. 1861-1901: Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Galveston, Los Angeles, Mobile, Nashville, New Orleans, Omaha, Richmond, Saint Louis, San Antonio. Also for L.A.: 1902-1940 [MFILM n.s. 2841]. There are paper copies for some other cities: check SOCRATES

State Censuses
[MFICHE 401]
19th century published census material for the U.S. Guide: State Censuses: An Annotated Bibliography...after the year 1789, 1948 (Z7554.U5.U63 REF & MTXT). The Library also has California State Census of 1852 [MFILM n.s. 1849]; film of original manuscript

U.S. Census. Manuscript Population Schedules Imperfect 4.19
Entire country for 1790-1850; selected states 1860-70-80-1900-1910. Guides: Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890: A Catalog of Microfilm Copies of the Schedules (MTXT); 1900 Federal Population Census (12th Census, 1900). Additionaly: 13th Census, 1910: California [Microfilm n.s. 4053]; Texas [Microfilm n.s. 4099]; Arizona [Microfilm n.s. 4052]; New Mexico [Microfilm n.s. 4054]

International Population Census Publications No 3.31
Series 1:1945-1967 [MFILM n.s.3074]; Series 2: Pre-1945 [MFILM n.s.2181]; Series 3: 1967- [MFILM n.s. 10653. Guides in Gov. Docs. & Gen. Ref.: Z7164.D3.G69

Human Relations Area Files
No 2.11
Ethnographic data for cross-cultural analysis. A number of the items included in this collection are owned by the Library in paper copy; check SOCRATES. From 1994, HRAF is issued on CD-ROM. A small amount of the textual material is abstracted in the Cross-Cultural CD-ROM. More information on HRAF.

British Trade Union History Collection No 11y
Books and pamphlets, late 19th & early 20th centuries. First reel includes complete list of titles

The Peoples' History: Working Class Autobiographies No 13j
In progress; to be completed in 18 parts

Oneida Community Books & Pamphlets No 3.3
Serials relating Oneida are individually listed in SOCRATES

Columbia University Oral History Collection No 1.14
Printed guide in REF lists items in parts 1-4; guide to part 5 in MTXT

Steinschneider Collection
(Jewish Theological Seminary)
No 4.17

History of Ideas in Europe ? 2.9
Deals with Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Microcard

Eighteenth-Century Sources for the Study of English Literature ? 1.23

Three Centuries of English & American Plays No 3.15

19th Century English & American Drama ? 3.2

American Fiction 1774-1900 No 1.2
Guide: Lyle Wright's American Fiction 1774-1900. Library has segments 1-7

German Baroque Literature
(Yale University/Fabur du Faur)
Yes 2.4
Confusion can arise in that another similar collection (Harold Jantz Collection) was also filmed. U.C. Berkeley has the complete Jantz collection; Stanford has 3 reels out of 611

German & Austrian Drama in the Houghton Library, Harvard University No 14z
Over 3,000 titles. Printed guides in Microtext and in Reference

Eighteenth Century French Fiction No 1.22

National imprints | Periodicals | Subject collections


1. When you SELECT ESTC (English Short Title Catalog) in Folio you are searching over 400,000 records describing all types of material published in Great Britain or its colonies or in English anywhere in the world from 1475 to 1800. This file is still in progress:

  • It currently includes about 70 percent of the items recorded in the second edition of Pollard and Redgrave (1475-1640), and half the items in the second edition of Wing (1641-1700).
  • The Eighteenth-century portion will be ongoing for a number of years.
  • Pre-1801 serials, now included in the RLIN serials file (SEL RLIN SERIALS), will be included in ESTC sometime in 1996.

For up-to-date developments concerning ESTC visit the RLG web page at and search on "ESTC."

Some items listed in ESTC are owned by the library in original or reprint editions. Other material is reproduced in microform sets that we own.

Last modified: June 22, 2005

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