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Archaeology and Anthropology

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Dictionaries, Handbooks, Encyclopedias: General | Cultural/Social Anthropology | Cultural/Critical Theory | Archaeology / Classical Archaeology | Biological | Human Geography | Methodology/Handbooks | Indexes & Abstracts

Beginning Library Research Guides


  • Annual Review of Anthropology.Stanford only 1972+. Green Info Center GN1.A47. Review articles on different topics; can be particulary useful as introduction to the literature..
  • MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science: Culture, Cognition, and Evolution Stanford only

  • The Handbook of Social Psychology. 4th ed. 2 vol. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998. SSRC Reading Room HM251.H224
  • The Social science encyclopedia. 2nd ed. London: Routledge, 1996. Green Info Center H41.S63 1996.
  • The Blackwell dictionary of twentieth-century social thought / edited by William Outhwaite, Tom Bottomore. Oxford: Blackwell, 1993. SSRC Reading Room H41.B53.
  • Dictionary of theories / Jennifer Bothamley. Detroit: Gale Research International, 1993. SSRC Reading Room H40.A2 B6 1993.
  • Keywords: a vocabulary of culture and society / Raymond Williams. Rev. ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1985. Green Stack PE1580.W58 1985.
  • Anthropological glossary / Roger Pearson. Malabar, Fla.: R.E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1985. Green Info Center GN11.P43 1985.
  • Encyclopedia of Anthropology / edited by David E. Hunter, Phillip Whitten. New York: Harper & Row, c1976. Green Info Center GN11.E52

  • International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 26 vol. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2001. SSRC Reading Room H41.I58
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. New York: Macmillan, c1968. 17 vols. SSRC Reading Room; Green Info Center H41.I5 Notes: Vol. 17: Index; v. 18: Biographical supplement; v.19. Social science quotations. Green Info Center H41.I5.
  • Encyclopaedia of the social sciences / editor-in-chief, Edwin R.A. Seligman. New York: Macmillan Co., 1957, 1930-34. 15 vols. SSRC Reading Room H41.E5.

world cultures

  • E-HRAF collection of ethnography
  • Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life. Detroit: Gale, c1998. 4 vols. Green Info Center GN333.W67 1998. Contents: v. 1. Africa -- v. 2. Americas -- v. 3. Asia and Oceania -- v. 4. Europe. Information on 500 cultures of the world, covering twenty different areas of daily life including clothing, food, language, and religion.
  • Encyclopedia of world cultures. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1991-1996. 10 vols. Green Info Center GN550.E53 1991. CONTENTS: v. 1. North America / Timothy J. O'Leary, David Levinson, volume editors -- v. 2. Oceania / Terence E. Hays, volume editor -- v. 3. South Asia / Paul Hockings, volume editor -- v. 4. Europe (Central, Western, and Southeastern Europe) / Linda A. Bennett -- v. 5. East and Southeast Asia / Paul Hockings, volume editor --v. 6. Russia and Eurasia - China / Paul Friedrich and Norma Diamond, volume editors -- v. 7. South America / Johannes Wilbert -- v. 8. Middle America and the Caribbean / James W. Dow -- v. 9. Africa and the Middle East / John Middleton and Amal Rassam, volume editors -- v. 10. Indexes / David Levinsin.
  • Oxford illustrated encyclopedia of peoples and cultures. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992. Green Info Center H41.O8 1992. No bibliography; articles unsigned.
  • Encyclopedia of taboos / Lynn Holden. Oxford: ABC-CLIO, 2000. Green Info Center GN471.4.H65.
  • Don't do it!: a dictionary of the forbidden / Philip Thody. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997. Green Info Center GN494.T48 1997. Social norms--Dictionaries. Taboo--Dictionaries.

Cultural and Social Anthropology

  • Social and cultural anthropology: the key concepts / Nigel Rapport and Joanna Overing. London: Routledge, 2000. Green Info Center GN307.R37 2000.
  • The dictionary of anthropology / edited by Thomas Barfield. Oxford: Blackwell, 1997. Green Info Center GN307.D485 1997.
  • Encyclopedia of cultural anthropology. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 1996. 4 vols. Green Info Center GN307.E52 1996.
  • Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology / edited by Alan Barnard and Jonathan Spencer. London: Routledge, 1996. GN307.E648 1996.
  • Companion encyclopedia of anthropology: Humanity, culture, and social life. London: Routledge, 1994. Green Info Center GN25.C65.
  • Dictionary of concepts in cultural anthropology. New York: Greenwood Press, 1991. Green Info Center GN307.W56. TOPICS: Ethnology--Dictionaries.
  • Dictionary of anthropology / edited by Charlotte Seymour-Smith. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1986. GN11.D48 1986.
  • Handbook of cross-cultural psychology. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1981. 6 vols. GN502 .H38. CONTENTS: v. 1. Perspectives.--v. 2. Methodology.--v. 3. Basic processes.--v. 4. Developmental psychology.--v. 5. Social psychology.--v. 6. Psychopathology.
  • Main trends in social and cultural anthropology. New York: Holmes & Meier, 1979. Green Stack GN316.F73. Originally published as chapter 1 of Main trends of research in the social and human sciences, pt. 2. Green Stack H62.M243.


  • The Oxford Companion to Archaeology / Brian Fagan. CC70.O96 1966.
  • Dictionary of concepts in archaeology / Molly Raymond Mignon. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1993. Green Info Center CC70.M45 1993. TOPICS: Archaeology--Dictionaries. NOTES: Includes topics such as "cultural complexity" and "cultural ecology.
  • The Facts on File dictionary of archaeology. c1983. Green Info Center CC70.F32 1983. NOTES: Originally published under title: The Macmillan dictionary of archaeology.
  • Keyguide to information sources in archaeology. 1985. Green Info Center CC120.W66 1984.
  • The Penguin dictionary of archaeology. 1982. . Green Info Center CC70.B7 1982.
  • The Illustrated encyclopedia of archaeology. 1977. Green Info Center CC70.I44.

  • Past worlds: the Times atlas of archaeology, 1988. Green Info Center CC165.P37 1988 f.
  • The World atlas of archaeology. c1985. Green Info Center G1046.E15W6 1985b f. NOTES: English edition of Le grand atlas de l'archéologie.
  • Concordance of ancient site names. Raleigh: Art Libraries Society of North America, 1995. 1 v. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2"). Art Z675.A85 T67 NO.2; Green Info Center Z695.1.G4 C67 1995 F.
  • The Cambridge encyclopedia of archaeology / editor, Andrew Sherratt; foreword by Grahame Clark. 1980. Green Info Center CC165.C3 1980. TOPICS: Man, Prehistoric; Civilization, Ancient.
  • Whitehouse, David. Archaeological atlas of the world. [1975] Green Info Center G1046.E15 W5 1975. 103 maps locating over 5,000 sites.

Archaeology -- Classical

  • Concordance of ancient site names. Raleigh, N.C.: Art Libraries Society of North America, [1995]. 1 v. (variously paged) ; 36 cm. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2"). Art Z675.A85 T67 NO.2. Green Library, Information Center Z695.1 .G4 C67 1995 F.
  • Atlas of the Greek and Roman world in antiquity. Nicholas G.L. Hammond, editor-in-chief. 1981. Green Info Center G1033.A84 1981 f.
  • The Oxford classical dictionary, edited by N.G.L. Hammond and H.H. Scullard. 2d ed. 1970. Green Info Center DE5.O9 1970.
  • The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites. 1976. Green Info Center DE59.P7.
  • Concordance of ancient site names. Raleigh, N.C.: Art Libraries Society of North America, [1995]. 1 v. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2"). Art Z675.A85 T67 NO.2; Green Info Center Z695.1 .G4 C67 1995 F.
  • Paulys Real-Encyclopaedie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft. 2. Reihe.1914-1972. 10 v. Green General Ref DE5.P33 Ser.2. Register der Nachtrage und Supplemente, von Hans Gartner und Albert Wunsch. 1980. xix, 250 p. DE5.P331. Der Kleine Pauly: Lexikon der Antike, auf der Grundlage von Pauly's Realencyclopadie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft. 1964-1975. 5 v. Green Info Center DE5.K5
  • Caffarello, Nelida. Dizionario archeologico di antichità classiche.1971. xii, 529 p. Green Library Stacks CC70.C33.
  • Daremberg, Charles, 1817-1872, ed. Dictionnaire des antiquities grecques et romains d'après les textes et les monuments....1877-1919. 5 v. in 10. illus. (incl. maps, plans, facsims.) Green Info Center DE5.D21 1877.


  • Yearbook of Physical Anthropology, 1945-. Green Library Stacks GN60.Y4 (Latest three years in Info Center). ONLINE: links from the library E-Journal list.

  • Encyclopedia of human evolution and prehistory. 2nd ed. / editors, Eric Delson ... [et al.]. New York: Garland, 2000. Green Info Center GN281.E53.
  • The Cambridge encyclopedia of human evolution / Edited by Steve Jones, Robert Martin, and David Pilbeam ; foreword by Richard Dawkins. 1992. Green Info Center GN281.C345 1992.
  • Dictionary of concepts in physical anthropology / Joan C. Stevenson. New York: Greenwood Press, 1991. Green Info Center GN50.3.S74.
  • Milner, Richard. The encyclopedia of evolution: humanity's search for its origins, 1990. Green Info Center GN281.M53 1990.
  • Encyclopedia of human evolution and prehistory / Edited by Ian Tattersall, Eric Delson, John Van Couvering. New York: Garland, 1988. Green Info Center GN281.E53.
  • Day, Michael H. Guide to fossil man. 4th ed., completely rev. and enl. 1986. Green Info Center GN282.D39 1986.

Human geography

  • The Dictionary of human geography. 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Reference, 1986. xv, 576 p. Green Info Center GF4.D52 1986.
  • Dictionary of concepts in human geography. Robert P. Larkin and Gary L. Peters. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, c1983. viii, 286 p. Green Info Center GF4.L37. TOPICS: Anthropo-geography--Dictionaries.



  • Anthropologists in the field: cases in participant observation Stanford only
  • Understanding qualitative research and ethnomethodology Stanford only
  • Research practice for cultural studies: ethnographic methods and lived cultures Stanford only
  • Research methods in anthropology: qualitative and quantitative methods / H. Russell Bernard. 3rd ed. Walnut Creek,: AltaMira Press, 2002. Green Info Center GN345.B36.
  • Handbook of ethnography / edited by Paul Atkinson. London: SAGE, 2001. Green Info Center GN345.H365.
  • Handbook of methods in cultural anthropology. Walnut Creek: AltaMira Press, 1998. Green Info Center GN345.H37. Introduction: on method and methods in anthropology / H. Russell Bernard -- Epistemology: the nature and validation of anthropological knowledge / Thomas Schweizer -- In search of meaningful methods / James Fernandez and Michael Herzfeld -- Research design and research strategies / Jeffrey C. Johnson -- Ethics / Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban -- Feminist methods / Christine Ward Gailey -- Transnational research / Ulf Hannerz -- Participant observation / Kathleen M. Dewalt and Billie R. Dewalt with Coral B. Wayland -- Direct systematic observation of behavior / Allen Johnson and Ross Sackett -- Person-centered interviewing and observation / Robert I. Levy and Douglas W. Hollan -- Structured interviewing and questionnaire construction / Susan C. Weller -- Discourse-centered methods / Brenda Farnell and Laura R. Graham -- From pictorializing to visual anthropology / Fadwa El Guindi -- Fieldwork in the archives: methods and sources in historical anthropology / Caroline B. Bretell -- Reasoning with numbers / W. Penn Handwerker and Stephen P. Borgatti -- Text analysis: qualitative and quantitative methods / H. Russell Bernard and Gery W. Ryan -- Cross-cultural research / Carol R. Ember and Melvin Ember -- Methods in applied anthropology / Robert T. Trotter, II and Jean J. Schensul -- Presenting anthropology to diverse audiences / Conrad Phillip Kottak.
  • Visions of culture: an introduction to anthropological theories and theorists / Jerry D. Moore. Walnut Creek, Calif.: AltaMira Press, c1997. Green Info Center GN33.M587 1997. Contents: Edward Tylor: the evolution of culture -- Lewis Henry Morgan: the evolution of society -- Franz Boas: culture in context -- Emile Durkheim: the organic society -- Alfred Kroeber: configurations of culture -- Ruth Benedict: patterns of culture -- Edward Sapir: culture, language, and the individual -- Margaret Mead: the individual and culture -- Marcel Mauss: elemental categories, total facts -- Bronislaw Malinowski: the functions of culture -- A.R. Radcliffe-Brown: the structures of society -- Edward Evans-Pritchard: social anthropology, social history -- Leslie White: evolution emergent -- Julian Steward: cultural ecology and multilinear evolution -- Marvin Harris: cultural materialism -- Eleanor Burke Leacock: feminism, Marxism, and history -- Claude LÚvi-Strauss: structuralism -- Victor Turner: symbols, pilgrims, and drama -- Clifford Geertz: an interpretive anthropology -- Mary Douglas: symbols and structures, pollution and purity --James Fernandez: the play of tropes.
  • Handbook of social and cultural anthropology / Edited by John J.Honigmann.: Chicago, Rand McNally, 1973.

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