Yurchenco and Sun on Hovey-Kelley ca. 1980

Source: Interview with Jim Yurchenco and Rickson Sun, 26 April 2000.

Pang: Now, the company itself was still rather young when the mouse--

Yurchenco: Oh yeah, this was 1980. I had joined in 1979, and Dean and Dave had started the company in the fall of 1978, so the company was a little over a year old at that point.

Pang: And how big was the company at this point? Fewer than 10 people?

Sun: I was number 10, and when I joined, most of this was done already, and Bill Lapson had just recently signed (?) and I was helping him think through how to make sure the product was going to be robust and reliable-- doing drop tests and wear tests, and that sort of thing.

Yurchenco: When we started on this there were probably five people, I would guess, five or six. There's some argument about who was actually an employee or not, and who gets counted: Dean's wife was worked part-time as a bookkeeper, so yes, she worked for the company, but is she included on the list or not? It's an angels dancing on the head of a pin kind of problem, but it was pretty small. I think Douglas Dayton was already there when you joined, right?

Sun: Yeah....


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