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Stanford Technical Reference Guide to HTML 2.0

This guide describes the subset of HTML Version 2.0 that is used in the preparation of documents for the World Wide Web servers of Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources. Although the Guide describes the syntax of all the elements and attributes described in the HTML 2.0 specification, the emphasis here is on those portions of the markup language most commonly used in the production of simple documents. Syntax and usage conventions for those elements (and their attributes) that are not commonly in use in SUL & AIR, are described minimally.

This document was prepared using Earl Hood's superb program dtd2html, and a great deal of the text is borrowed directly from his work. Any errors in the current version are mine alone.

This document allows you to navigate through the structure of the Document Type Definition for the HyperText Markup Language with strict validation (HTML 2.0 Strict DTD) designated by the RCS Ids:

    $Id: html-s.dtd,v 1.3 1995/06/02 18:55:46 connolly Exp $
        which also incorporates:
    $Id: html.dtd,v 1.29 1995/08/04 17:50:22 connolly Exp $ 

Author: Daniel W. Connolly <>

 [SUL/AIR Conventions Local conventions for use by Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources are identified in this document. These conventions represent refinements to the public HTML specification and are strongly recommended.

Entries marked with a  [tree logo] '> represent elements (or
attributes) that <em>are</em> part of the normal SUL/AIR repetoire.
SUL/AIR authors should read the <img src= text for local conventions.

Text marked with a  [You Can Skip This] is intended to mark sections that you can skip over unless you are deeply interested in HTML. Generally these sections describe elements that are useful mostly in very limited circumstances, such as computer documentation. In other cases they indicate markup that has no practical application in SUL/AIR.


The following references were used in documenting the elements and attributes mentioned in this document:

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html-s DTD