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The Mark Weiser Memorial Site pays tribute to the energy and vision of Mark Weiser, Chief Technologist at Xerox PARC, and a leading figure in modern computer science. By making available information about his life and work, links to other material on the Web, and especially by giving his colleagues and friends an opportunity to permanently record their thoughts, the site recognizes the many contributions Mark made to the intellectual life and daily practice of computing.

Michael A. Keller, the Stanford University Librarian, and Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future, were instrumental in organizing the effort that produced this site. The design and development work was led by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, the project manager of SiliconBase and the MouseSite, with critical input from Lois Brooks, Andrew Herkovic, Jonathan Lavigne, and Henry Lowood.

Most important to the success of the Mark Weiser Memorial Site are Mark's colleagues and friends, and the Silicon Valley community, who have contributed their insights and memories into Mark's life and work.

What Will Happen to This Site?

The site will be maintained for an extended period, and all of its contents will be placed as a permanent record in SiliconBase. Even after the site is inactive, it will be available in a Web-accessible form. A small number of CDs of the site will also be published.

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About This Site


About SiliconBase

SiliconBase is a digital archive of the history of Silicon Valley sponsored by Stanford University. Founded in 1993 by Stanford history professor Timothy Lenoir, the site contains documents, audio, and video from the Stanford University archives and other sources. Currently in the midst of a redesign, SiliconBase will in the future develop new ways of documenting and publicizing the history of Silicon Valley, by undertaking research and preservation efforts, publishing material from other archival collections, and making available content created or donated by members of the Silicon Valley community. An affiliated site discusses the work of computer visionary Douglas Englebart.



Questions regarding the life and work of Mark Weiser, requests for further information, and condolences should be directed to Xerox PARC at communications@parc.xerox.com.


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