The Forum gives visitors the chance to express their thoughts and share memories about Mark Weiser's career, ideas, and life. By sharing your stories about him, you help us better remember Mark's place in the Silicon Valley community, and in the history of computers and information technology.
Ubiquitous Computing
About This Site

The Forum consists of three pages. They are devoted to remembering Mark as a friend, musician, and human; the impact and importance of his ideas on ubiquitous computing, and his career and professional life.

The Forum will be kept active and updated daily until the entire site is archived. Contributions will be stored permanently in the SiliconBase digital archive. It is our hope that, in addition to providing some service to Mark's colleagues and friends, these contributions will be useful to researchers interested in the history of computing, Xerox PARC, and Silicon Valley.

Date: Created 29 April 1999;