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Mark Weiser's home page Xerox PARC Sandbox server

Mark's Curriculum Vita

Research Reports of the Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing project-- a list of articles published between 1991 and 1995.

Selected Publications-- these include a number of articles on ubiquitous computing, published in venues as diverse as Scientific American and Red Herring.

Ubiquitous computing page


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Ubiquitous Computing
About This Site

The Marc D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley

Xerox PARC memorial site

The Last Weiserama-- slides from a memorial held at Xerox PARC. Rich Gold explains the title: "When he was CSL lab manager, Mark would start out each meeting with a moment of thoughts called 'Weiseramas'." Please note: Many of the picture files are quite large, so they may download slowly.

Severe Tire Damage memorial-- includes audio files of band performances, pictures, and band e-mail.

Highland Forum memorial (password protected; viewers can also select an unrestricted mirror site).

United States Institute for Peace memorial-- includes an edited transcript of "Virtual Tools for Real Diplomacy," a talk Mark delivered at USIP in 1997.




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Other pages and articles


1999 ACM SIGMOBILE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data, and Computing-- will be presented posthumously at the August 1999 MobiCom conference.

Jamie Beckett, "Next rung of tech evolution: Everyday devices getting smarter," SF Gate (29 March 1999).

John Seely Brown, "To dream the invisible dream," Red Herring (July 1998). A short article on ubiquitous computing.

Rich Gold, "Notes on the architecture of living documents"-- one of Mark's collaborators describes their experiments in Ubiquitous Computing. The site also has an excellent cartoon explication of their work.

Howard Rheingold, "PARC is back!" Wired Magazine 2.02 (February 1994).

Steve G. Steinberg, "Corporate rebels: Eight who made a difference by challenging conventional wisdom," Wired Magazine 5.05 (May 1997).

Bob Sullivan, "Ah... calm computing," MSNBC (4 December 1998).

Bob Sullivan, "Mark Weiser in his own words," MSNBC (4 December 1998). Interview with Mark.

Severe Tire Damage-- Mark was the drummer for this pioneering "first live band on the Internet." The site includes links to articles on band appearances,

Hans Sandberg, "Mark Weiser: 'Datorer i kläderna ett steg åt rätt håll'," Datateknik (November 1997)-- a short article based on an e-mail interview with Mark.

Mark Weiser's favorite bookmarks-- from the August 1996 issue of Fast Company.


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